Trying out the blogging function with a standard user account.  It saves automatically about every 10 seconds so you shouldn’t lose a blog you are working on.  Of course I have no idea how restore works yet.  And they tell me I can add a picture.  Let’s see.

It doesn’t have any categories yet, I’ll need to set those on the back end.  If anybody wants to come up with an opening list I’ll be glad to use it ;) 

And that’s about it for a first try.  Let’s see what it looks like.

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  • This is just to see how comments work on a blog. I’m going to delete all this test stuff when we have things sorted out.

  • Is there any where we can see the blogs written such as on a page/source? I didn’t see your blogs until I posted one of my own and they appeared at the bottom of my page.

    • I added the blog stream to the menu under “uncategorized” simply to see how that worked. What I’ll do is change that heading to “Blogs” then list them by category. As soon as we figure out what the categories should be.

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