It was a dark and stormy night…Okay it wasn’t really stormy but it is technically 5:16 and it’s getting darker outside by the moment, close enough.

It’s taking a bit to figure out this blog posting platform here, but hopefully I will get it sorted after a few bits of tinkering and clueless button pressing to see just what actually posts over here. I wish I had something exciting to blog about that would keep everyone enthralled and eager to jump on this bandwagon of blogging. But I have a feeling most are taking advantage of cyber Monday sales, eating leftover turkey sandwiches and wondering just how long does cranberry sauce last in the refrigerator before it goes bad. I haven’t got a clue on that last bit but I do know that it gets watery the longer it sits in there. I am glad to report that the chocolate cheesecake is not meeting a similar fate!

Starting a new paragraph, and another orange tilted block…(you will understand after you write your first blog on what I am talking about.) Just click on that plus sign and it tilts and you can type more. For a moment I had a small jolt of fear when I thought I had actually posted a blog with just one sentence. That would be okay if it was a really thought provoking sentence, but it was as mundane as most Mondays are, and/or my clueless ramblings.

It’s good to see the progress moving forward and I half way feared it would all be on the back burner especially with the holiday season upon us. So thanks Santa Claus and all of your elves who have been busy in the work shop. I won’t bother to tell you if I have been good or not. Too many people on here know me and would rat me out in a second,lol.

I won’t bore you any further with my idle thoughts of nothingness but I do hope that each and every one of you will take a moment to consider putting up a blog. It doesn’t have to be much, it can be a pic, a quote, a video, just something that tells the world about you or what is going on in this exact moment of your life.

I’m off to save the last piece of chocolate cheesecake. It’s going to take the efforts of someone braver than me to save the leftover cranberry sauce/mush.

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  • Hmmm, going to have to tinker some more around here. I had to copy and paste the draft and then click on publish. I evidently am doing something wrong!

  • Blogging is a bit more clunky then I’d like. I also need to add some categories, right now everything is under “categorized”. Still a work in progress. If you want to suggest some categories to start out with I’m all ears.

    • Few categories, would like to have other members here add or subtract to the list:
      Design (computer or otherwise)
      Home Life
      Humor/Jokes/Just for fun
      In the News

        • Creative writing/Poetry/Story Telling
          (maybe this should be posted under the forum?)

          • Just trying to get things started. We can change any of this. One of the nice things about the way wordpress does things. It’s easier to comment though if there is something to comment about. Putting categories up now.

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