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Animated GIFS: I looked it up, the problem is wordpress automatically resizes all pictures, even ones that are already the correct size, This resizing destroys gifs since it only resizes the full frame. The answer is, with code modification I can fix the problem, I’ll add it to the list, the list as you can imagine is lengthy. So yes, eventually you will be able to use animated gifs as avatars. You will need to upload them in the recommended size since they can’t be cropped. I’ll have to set it so it will not load unless it is the correct size. I imagine Shmoozezone has the same issue for the same reason. Most CMS sites will resize photos so they fit the formatting. and don’t overload the page with 6 mb+ sized pictures.

This article describes the problem if you were interested in reading more about it:

Solved: GIF not Animating in WordPress – Posts and Featured Images

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