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Thus far I’m good. I’m not working under the same monetary constraints Kim is. Aside from the $50 a month server fees I have around $200 in the site at the moment. I’d have to go through the receipts to get an exact figure but that’s ball park. There will be around $100 a year in renewal fees on the add-ins thus far. So we need to come up with around $600 a year to make the site pay for itself as it stands.

Paid Plugins I’m using
From Buddy Boss

BuddyBoss Wall

Get the power of Facebook on BuddyPress! Your users can post Wall updates, interact with their friends, and “Like” their favorite content.
View Plugin Info from $29
BuddyBoss Media

Your BuddyPress members can upload photos, organize them into albums, and tag their friends! On a mobile device you can easily swipe through photos with your fingers.
View Plugin Info from $39
BuddyPress Member Types

Makes it easy to create and manage member types without having to write a single line of code.
View Plugin Info from $39

BuddyPress User Blog

Provide your members with their own blog and a great writing experience. Posts display in user profiles and in the central blog.
View Plugin Info from $49

(I got 30% off of these prices – renewal for 1 year runs half the full amount)

From Envato Market

Youzer ($49 – half price $25, no yearly fee)
Olympus Theme $60 (didn’t buy on sale)
Yellow Pencil (Makes editing the CSS WAY easier) $26 – half off $13

And these Youzer add ins that I haven’t installed yet

Buddypress Edit Activity
Allow members to edit activity posts, comments with real time modifications. Set editable activities by type & moderators & limit edition by user role.

Buddypress Activity Reactions
Increase audience engagement by allowing users to express many more feelings quickly and easily on each wall post and improve your content.

Buddypress MyCRED Integration
Reward Users with points for each wall post type and all the profile widgets fields, social networks and increase your website users engagement.

I got 50% off those prices

Anyway, that’s the list to date. Everything else was free.

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