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Most of this stuff is for the Social side of things Bob, one of the things I’m trying to do is pull in people for more than the contests. Dagger Bay was based on bulletin board software, which means everything was forum based with Devilmoon doing extensive modifications to allow contests. This site is based on a social site plugin to WordPress with a bulletin board plugin, bbpress, which allows us to do forums, but also gives more of a home page where activity can take place.

Hopefully it will give us more flexibility, and allow us to draw in groups of members who’s primary interest is not participating in contests, but might vote and comment on them.

Anyway, bottom line is I’m not looking for donations yet, I’d like to have a usable site before I start doing that, but I was asked what it had cost thus far, and that’s the answer ;)

Definitely keep supporting Dagger Bay as a first priority, if we ever fall short of funds there that will take the site down since everything is running on automatic.

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