Game Chops

Postby TerryLea ยป Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:32 am

Thanks to the illustration forum that has the original version of this game for art work HERE

This is same game format but using photo effects images.

Take the two letters the person before you has chosen. Pick a word they start with and create an image.

The only stipulation is that you don’t show how creative you can be with something off color, in poor taste.
This is rated G for general audiences viewing only. Decent is the key.

You can use the letters in any order.

When you have posted your image, you then name the next two letters for the next person.

If you create an image and someone happens to beat you to the punch by posting theirs first, please go ahead and post yours anyway.
You just won’t be able to select the next letters to play is all. The first person to post gets to make the next letters selection.

All skill levels welcomed. Sometimes no skill is the funniest. No judging. No scores. Just fun.

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