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    Gummy wants to know when we’ll start having chop contests. (well really, he just asked if we were chopping anywhere).  :poke:


    We don’t have any way of running contests the way Daggerbay did, and probably will not anytime soon.  Whether we eventually go that route at all it an open question.  As far as a BOTs or game type thread of it, those can be set up as soon as someone shows an interest in it.

    I’ve got my second COVID shot coming up this week which is going to knock me out for a couple of days from what I am hearing, and am in the process of finding a place in North Carolina to retire to, so my time will be scarce for a bit.  Past that I should have more time to devote to the place.


    Probably best to let you get settled in to your new home before doing anything then (especially since I think we’re the only BotS players here right now?).  Congratulations on your retirement! :good:


    Congratulations on your retirement, Dio! Is there any way people can simply upload artwork to a gallery, without the contest element?


    Congratulations on your retirement!

    May the food be good,

    The beer smooth and the weather fine.


    Welcome to “Everyday’s a Saturday” Club, Dio :yahoo:

    The vaccine boost is no big deal past the sore arm the next day for most. (both of mine were trouble free). :good:

    It hasn’t been effective for loneliness and isolation though. :unsure: And the Fauci :wacko: fashion enhancement still lingers & everyone still avoids you, but this too should improve ;-)

    Good luck on your quest for new digs. :good:



    Reminds me that I need to go visit a friend in Florida.  :yes: :ahoy:

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