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    One large disorganized mess from which order will arise. Don’t hold your breath.


    To compose an e-mail, use an @ sign in front of a user name. The system will autofill if you type in part of it. To include more than one person, leave a space after the first name and type another @ sign. If you mark it “public” everybody will be able to see and comment. “Private” is just between the addressees. E-mail is stored as plain text in the database, so don’t assume it can’t be read. Rest assured though, I don’t have the time.


    Creating groups: You can’t do it from your profile, you can only invite members there. You can create them either from the the dropdown list at the upper right where your user name is, or by going to Group forums off the menu. Directions are pretty complete when you start creating, you can skip most of the sets and edit the group after you create it.


    That’s me with my feet under the table, let the stomp commence :-)


    Hey mick, you got here just in time for me to try a theme that screwed up the whole site :P It’s back off, I’m going to have to see what I missed.

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